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We are dedicated to entertaining people

Bajarbol started as a small restaurant located at the back of a building on Teramachi Nijo. Without friends or credit, my friends and I started this humble project. I had no carpentry skills nor management know-how, but I built the restaurant, along with my friends, with the simple dream of “just entertaining people” with the barest of cooking techniques.

If we cannot get a smile from our customers, despite our best efforts at restaurant management: planning, carpentry, purchasing, cooking, and serving, then our business is without meaning. Each and every staff member has to make effort and find the best way to bring a smile to our customer’s face. We can’t provide good service or good technique, if we only work for our own benefit.

Getting along starts with the belief that “I want to work with friends at making a great company with lots of smiles.” That is Bajarbol.
Bajarbol Co.
president KINOSHITA Kiyotaka
Corporate Agenda
Corporate Agenda
  1. Restaurant Management
  2. Import and sales of fine European wines and ingredients
  3. Planning & production of various cultural events, seminars, & classes
  4. Other duties related to these items
Management Ideals
Management Ideals

We undertake to support our employees’ families’ happiness as we contribute to the happiness of our customers.

Action Policy
Action Policy
  • Advance the status of all people related to the restaurant industry.
  • Create an environment that instills a sense of pride in service industry workers.
  • Emphasize the importance of continuing to challenge oneself.
  • Be aware that nothing is more important than maintaining mutual trust with customers.
  • Make the best team born from mutual trust between teammates.
  • Make a company that is loved by customers and society.
  • Acquire the techniques and behaviors that result in SMILES.
Company Development
Company Development

1998 July 1st Parent Restaurant - La Masa established
Exquisite offerings of seafood focused Spanish cuisine. An intimate restaurant, with tables for 12 and counter seating for 6, where you can enjoy dining while talking with our friendly staff in a homelike atmosphere.
2006 February 10th EL FOGON established
Enjoy mouth watering Spanish dishes featuring succulent Okinawan AGU pork.
1st floor: Drop by and refresh yourself at our counter bar with a glass of your favorite.
2nd floor: Iberian tapas and full course meals in our relaxing dining space.
El Fogon fuses a traditional Kyoto “machiya” or “town house” with Spanish décor.
It is currently closed.
2008 February 14th La Gallega established
Redesigned & opened in February 2011, it’s menu presents more than 10 kinds of paella at any time!! The standing bar offers 300 yen drinks and tapas. Reasonable dining that any demographic can enjoy. Must see flamenco shows are held once a month!
It is currently closed.
2008 May 1st Bajarbol Co. Corporate established
2008 December 25th FUIGO established
The specialty of this intimate 2nd floor restaurant are <BROCHETTA>: roasted skewered delicacies! Decorated with Spanish tiles & iron, the atmosphere is absolutely Spanish!!
It is currently closed.
2010 October “Popularizing Paella”
[ Popularizing Paella ] is our goal, as all of our restaurants now serve more than 6 kinds of
paella at any time!! From a familiar paella which you can cook easily at home to a special
paella which you can only eat at restaurants, it's our sincere desire to make day-to-day
progress to help you feel that paella is a familiar food.
Bajarbol’s paella restaurant,Barraca, opened in June 2016.
Using a fragrant variety of fresh ingredients, Barraca’s paella is truly a sensation of tastes. Come and join us at Barraca, a new experience brought to you by Bajarbol.


380 Kameya-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto Japan 6040941
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Paella Restaurant Barracca

Address 78 Yanagihachimancho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto 6048101 Japan
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